Tina's story


Tina was borne in Bulgaria on the verge of a major political and social change in Eastern Europe.  She started taking pictures when she was 6 years old with a film camera her grandfather gave her, and never stopped.  She won an academic scholarship and moved to the USA when she was 18 and later on completed an Master of Business Administration at Duke University.  Tina has lived in Florida, California, North Carolina, London, Florence and New York City.  She worked in finance for over a decade in New York until she made the commitment to dedicate her time and efforts to her true professional calling - photography.  Tina completed a program at the International Center of Photography in NYC with a focus on portraiture, fashion and commercial product photography as well as studied Renaissance Art History and Studio Photography in Florence (Italy). The images she creates both in studio and on location source inspiration from combining the modern fast pace of NYC where she lives, with the savage beauty of her Eastern European origins and classical arts education in Italy.  She believes beauty can come from a sense of peace but just as much from a place of contradiction, at the unique cross-point of styled yet untamed aesthetic.  She believes that a brand should distinguish itself as much with the vibe and message of its campaigns and imagery, as with the design and mastery of its product.

Aside from her fashion and E-commerce work, in early 2018, Tina was sponsored by Lansinoh to travel to 19 countries in 5 continents in 2 months and create the global women empowerment and breastfeeding awareness campaign http://breastfeedingmonth.com/. Her work was published by Global Citizen, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, ABC news, Good morning America, and a number of other publications. Additionally, she has been published in National Geographic, New York Post, Corriere della Serra, Bulgarka Magazine, interviewed at Bulgarian National TV and hosted exhibitions in the US, Italy and Bulgaria.  

Tina is the perfect balance between creativity and professionalism.  Her photography aims to present personal stories through esthetics and creative angles.